US Jobs on the Rise

US Manufacturing Jobs On the Rise But Still Way below the 1970s Levels

The new Republican administration came to office with the declared intention of increasing the number of manufacturing jobs available for Americans and it seems to be making progress in this direction. In contrast to the first few months of the Obama administration which saw an increase in service sector jobs such as retail and tech, the first few months of the Trump administration have seen a substantial increase in the number of manufacturing jobs created.

Between February and March 2017, the US economy benefitted from the creation of close to 40,000 new factory jobs and if this trend continues manufacturing could become one of the biggest employment sectors in a few years.

The manufacturing glory years
While recent developments paint a positive picture for the manufacturing industries, it is important to appreciate that the current factory employment levels come nowhere close to the days when this sector was a major employer.

The 1970s were the period when a huge proportion of the American workforce earned their bread from factory work. In those years, nearly 20 million Americans were employed in factories while today the number is just slightly above 12 million.

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